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Leading Management College in Odisha Recorded an Impressive 100% Placement


Regional College of Management is the 1st Management college in Odisha, established in 1982. Since then, the Institute strives to offer an all-round extensive educational program to its students.


RCM’s Motto is “Passion for Innovative Education”. The institution aims at providing all round education including ethical training, social training and more essential for building leaders.

The vision of RCM is “To create young visionaries who will be ready to face the global challenges and take India to the next level”.


RCM has a highly efficient Placement System, which was set in place in order to actualize its vision.

The Institute boasts a 100% placement where many Multi-National Companies (Financing, Core financial, Banking & more) have offered corporate exposures to the aspiring students to achieve their goals.


A thoroughly well-trained faculty provides the students an opportunity to learn from the very best. The faculties help the undergrads in enhancing their own set of skills with an additional set of skills like leadership, self-confidence, decision making and many more to achieve and sustain excellent qualities across all subjects in their curriculum. The faculty members have been groomed from IIMs and many FDPs in order to provide a better exposure to the students. The faculties organize MDPs and Research Programs that trains the students and renders them a real world exposure.

Holistic Development

The students are urged to develop their necessary skills and are sent for industry visits to interact with the corporate heads and become professionally sound and socially responsible leaders. Getting an MBA degree doesn’t guarantee jobs, Thus, RCM students are made industry ready through case studies, improved communication, presentation and more.

Students involve themselves in the Curriculum thoroughly and make the course structure a way of life. The institute enables the students to grasp all concepts, be it theoretical know-how or practical knowledge, and broadens their horizon.

“RCM provides a great learning experience where the students learn new things every day and hone their skills to become more confident, eloquent and a better individual as a whole.”, as stated by Richa Jain, Student of RCM.

The Institute aims at providing quality education to students, and inculcate within them the passion for knowledge and learning, to create globally competitive future managers who will march forth with confidence with a vision to better the world.

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RCM College Students News | RCM College News | RCM PGDM Admission 2014


It is a billion dollar question… The answer is simple.

  • Universities are rules driven. They cannot innovate and offer industry relevant system of teaching and training. That is why all the top B. Schools in India including IIMs, XLRI, MDI, IMI, ISB and RCM (Autonomous) are in the autonomous sector offering PGDM programme.
  • To prove this point please note that among the top 50 B.Schools in India only 3 are offering MBA programmes. All others are offering PGDM.
  • Companies always prefer PGDM candidates as they know the product will meet their requirement.
  • PGDM students can enroll for Ph.D also if it has AIU recognition.


First Trimester Fourth Trimester
PGDC 101 Principles of Management
PGDC 102 Organizational Behavior
PGDC 103 Managerial Economics
PGDC 104 Quantitative Techniques for Managers
PGDC 105 Financial A/c for Managerial Application
PGDC 106 Marketing Management
PGDC 107 Managerial Computing
PGDC 108 Communicative English
PGDL 101 Managerial Computing Lab.
PGDL 102 Communicative English Lab.
MBS 401 Summer Internship Project
MBS 402 Entrepreneurship Management
Specialization Area – I
Elective-I Elective-II
Specialization Area – II
Elective-I Elective-II
Second Trimester Fifth Trimester
PGDC-201 Marketing Management -I
PGDC-202 Human Resource Management
PGDC-203 Financial Management- I
PGDC 204 Management Science
PGDC 205 Operations Management-I
PGDC 206 Economic Environment for Business
PGDC 207 Business Communication
PGDL 201 Business Communication Lab.
MBS 501 Business Ethics and corporate
MBS 502 Seminar Presentation
Specialization Area – I
Elective-IV Elective-V
Specialization Area – II
Elective-IV Elective-V
Third Trimester Sixth Trimester
PGDC-301 Marketing Management-II
PGDC-302 Employee Relations
PGDC-303 Financial Management- II
PGDC 304 Business Research
PGDC 305 Operations Management – II
PGDC 306 Management Information System
PGDC 307 Banking Insurance Management
PGDL 301 Management Information System Lab
PGDL 302 Personality Growth Lab.
MBS 601 Dissertation Governance Presentation
Specialization Area – I
Specialization Area – II

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RCM College Certificates | RCM Certificates | RCMA Certificates Issued

RCM MBA Certificates – BPUT, Odisha regarding the settling of admission issues of Regional College of Management (Autonomous), Bhubaneswar and for issuance of Final Degree Certificate in favor of pass out students. The Hon’ble Minister of Employment & Technical Education & Training Department regarding the settling of admission issues of Regional College of Management (Autonomous), Bhubaneswar and for issuance of Final Degree Certificate in favor of pass out students and the instructions provisioned by the government for resolving the certificate issues with BPUT, the RCMA management withdrew all pending cases against BPUT in lieu to resolution of matter.

Courses Offer : Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Operating Management Systems and IT, Master in Business Administration, Master in Computer Application, Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Master Degree in Tourism Administration, PG Diploma In Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Tourism MBA, Aviation Management, Telecom Management Programs, PG Diploma In Logistics & Supply Chain Management, MBA, MCA, MA-TA, PGDM, Executive MBA, PGDLSCM.

Regional College of Management

Plot No. GD 2/12 & 13

Chakadola Vihar, Chandrasekharpur,

Bhubaneswar – 751023, Odisha, India.

Phone : +91-674-2300901, +91-674-2300455, +91-909-0080888

Fax : +91-674-2300421

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The Best College for Doing an MBA

The Best College for Doing an MBA.

How to Reach RCM College

Plot No. GD 2/12 & 13
Chakadola Vihar, Chandrasekharpur,
Bhubaneswar – 751023

Phone  :  +91-674-2300901
Fax        :  +91-674-2300421

Email  :
Web    :

RCM Corporate Office:
Plot No. 555 & 56
Saheed Nagar,
Alok Bharati Tower,
Bhubaneswar – 751007, Odisha-India.